Imagine seeing your mother's face as she pushes through each contraction. She struggles and breathes a heavy breath and as she pushes to bring you to the world; to bring you to life. Imagine seeing your mothers face as she holds you in her arms for the first time. All that time, all that work, all that pain, all that beauty, all that sacrifice, which leads to the ultimate gift; YOU.


I'm Lo.

I am the only female in a house of two silly boys, and one amazing man. I am a family, birth, and newborn lifestyle photographer whose greatest hearts desire is capturing candid moments and real emotion from your story as told by my lens. I am passionate about capturing life in a way that you can look back and relive each and every moment as if you were there all over again.

I knew I was made for birth photography because when I became a mother,  I knew that was the one moment in time that you couldn't get back, couldn't relive and you couldn't recreate. With all the adrenaline, excitement, and anticipation for your baby's arrival, it's so hard to remember all the tiny intricate details of the day. The breaths you breathe to get through each contraction, Dad's smile, your face when you push the last push and hold this creation in your arms for the very first time. These are all moments that are here and then they are gone. Birth Photography is a way to take these moments, bottle them up, and experience them all over again for the rest of your life and share them with that baby when he or she is a baby no more.

I also love to tell your story. I love to capture your relationships with one another for you to remember forever. Give me the moments of love, and laughter, and genuine silliness. Let me capture your real and raw moments, and tie them up with a bow.